About The Healing Factory

There are many people experiencing financial hardship during the current economic downturn. Basic expenses such as paying fuel bills, purchasing food, clothing, paying rent and mortgages are real struggles faced by families. Even those who are working are unable to meet many of their priority bills and are getting into serious debt with the risk of losing their homes. Unemployment is a very real situation for many people in the UK and worldwide. Whether this has been as a result of redundancy, sickness, or end of short term contracts, the outcome is very real for people who now find themselves caught in the poverty trap. Government efficiency measures and legislative changes have impacted on benefit entitlement which has left many individuals living on a reduced income and having to move out of social housing that they are no longer able to afford.

The Healing Factory aims to work with people and solve this by:

  • Working with 16-24 year-olds who are NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)
  • Working with the unemployed
  • Working with single parents
  • Requiring staff development to make them efficient in supporting the above client groups


  • Basic budgeting skills
  • Sources of advice, guidance and support agencies
  • Practical tips for surviving the recession (extracts from the book by Winsome DuncanCredit Crunch Queen)
  • 1:1 consultancy to meet their individual financial needs

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