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We’ll give you £100 for each referral! 

Refer-a-friend who is interested in acquiring business funding through our assistance programme and we will pay you £100 per referral!*

What are you waiting for? Send your referrals to and mention the following:

The name of your referee

Contact details of
your referee

Business idea

Did you know?

in 2017, our associates referred 59 people to us who have all been successful in applying for Business Loans.

Amira A. made £1900 in the space of two years simply through spreading the word about the programme to the customers in her cafe. She used this extra-cash as spending money during her holiday to Dubai!

You too can reap the benefits from our referral incentive scheme. For every applicant that you refer to Rich Visions who applies for a Business Loan through us, you can receive £100*.

* The £100 payment is only issued when the person referred is successful in applying and receiving funding to start or grow their business.

Autumn Campaign 2018

From September to December we will be giving one lucky winner a brand new iPad. All you have to do is refer five successful applicants and the iPad will be awarded to you upon approval of the fifth applicant. 

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