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The “Proud2BME” project is primarily targeted at teenage girls between the ages of 13 and 18. It aims to equip these young ladies with invaluable life skills that they need as they make the transition into adulthood. In addition to these skills, they are furnished with traditional and entrepreneurial proficiencies in the areas of sex education, nutrition, career development, employability, money management, time management, etiquette, character building as well as drug awareness and substance misuse

Proud2BME’s Self-Empowerment programme is primarily aimed at building the personal capacity of young women who suffer from low self esteem and/or are disadvantaged and marginalised; either emotionally or economically. The aims and objectives are;

  1. To see young girls/ women develop in confidence (using training / education as a means to achieve that outcome).
  2. To empower young girls/ women individually and enable them to find their place within the society.
  3. To build up and equip women to reach out to a needy world.
  4. To equip women/ young girls with general soft skills and traditional home values.
  5. To encourage peer mentoring.
  6. To raise up women/ young girls as key influencers and decision makers.
  7. To enable them to rise out of poverty.


The project aims to empower young girls to make informed judgements in area of academics, career, sexual relationships and business/ career decisions. Proud2BME aims to provide entrepreneurial workshops and support that will encourage multiple streams of income thought processes, we aim to attach the girls to a successful female entrepreneur who will guide and mentor the girls towards achieving their goals. We aim to educate young females on the dangers of substance abuse and encourage them to make positive life choices and have the confidence to say no to negative peer pressure. Proud2BME aims to teach young ladies the importance of healthy eating and physical activities. We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle, offer tips on living well and encourage healthy diet, physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight.

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