Think & Grow Richer Seminar

We hosted our first business seminar of the New Year: Think and Grow Richer at Holiday Inn Express on Saturday, 19th January. The aim of the seminar was to have our guests raring and ready to embark on a journey of creating your own wealth in 2019!

Entering my 18th year of business, I feel the urge to help as many entrepreneurs start and grow through business plans, access to finance, and personal development to name a few. Having weathered many storms in my business, personal and social lives, I make sure I persist, not giving up!

Turn Your Passion into Profits

We had a plethora of expert business speakers from industries including property, construction and HR informing guests how they turned their passion into profits. 

Funding was considered the biggest hindrance for start-ups. Many were concerned their poor credit will hold them back from entrepreneurship. Rich Visions Small Business, an umbrella of the Rich Visions brand has assisted over 700 SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises) in securing over £7 million in low-interest funding. I’m proud to share with you that we boast a 98% success rate!

We offer a FREE 30-min consultation for anyone looking to start their business. You can either come into our Stratford office or arrange a telephone call for a time that’s convenient for you. To inquire, click here.

Grow Your Business

Looking to grow your businesses beyond your own imaginations in 2019? We can show you ways in which you diversify your business’ portfolio with fantastic opportunities in Cryptocurrency, Franchising and Property Investment.

Why this event? Well, I’m very passionate about helping businesses by educating, inspiring, motivating and informing entrepreneurs and small businesses on how to avoid the pitfalls of business as well as being informed and equipped to sustain and expand their brands & enterprises beyond their own imaginations!

Money and Marketing Conference

Perhaps you’re looking to start-up a business instead? That’s no problem! We’ll have reputable accountants, sales-specialists and HR personnel on-site to steer you in the right direction!

I’m certsain will go home with some golden business, marketing and PR nuggets that will help to make your business soar in 2019! I’m pleased to share three points which I will go into greater detail about – with case-studies and testimonies – on February 9th:
1) Get a bespoke website with a personalised email  
2) Produce more short-video content relevant to your specialism, industry or sector
3) Secure more public speaking engagements

This event takes place at The Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf on February 9th from 12 pm. If you’d like to attend this fantastic event, click the button below to grab your free.