Promote My Biz

The event was held at the Novotel London in Canary Wharf. The Business Seminar portion of the event was a raging success! Our business experts were able to inform and educate our guests on the latest developments in their areas of expertise. Angela of My Blockchain Education gave attendees insight as to how Cryptocurrency is building upon the fourth industrial revolution – the introduction of technology.

We had the pleasure of hosting high-quality guests who provided us with rich questions formulated by our marvelous delegates and moderated by our host for the day, Senior Business and Finance Consultant Maria Haynes. The objective of the event was to have our keynote speakers share their personal journeys to success including the challenges they have faced and some of their most important life lessons. These anecdotes gave a select number of our guests the motivation needed to start their path to entrepreneurship.

Business Coaching

Having a “can do” attitude, practicing lifelong learning such as reading books, getting a business coach, and surrounding herself with winners was what led Rich Visions’ CEO Mavis Amankwah to her success.

From losing government-contracts from the fallout of the 2008 recession to sharing the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Mavis has truly weathered the storms in business. This July, she celebrates her 19th year in business. Details of the event to be announced in the next month. You can learn more about Mavis’ Coaching and Mentoring here.

Keynote Speakers

Thank you once again to our fantastic speakers for sharing their knowledge and investment opportunities. If you’d like to follow up, or a formal introduction, please don’t hesitate to email

Join Mavis’ 3-in-1 Business Club!

Are you a new or existing business looking to grow your business leads and increase sales? One of the many ways to grow your business and generate sales is to join a business club as this will give you direct access to other businesses and entrepreneurs instantly that you can network with and exchange contact details.

Why not join the multi-award winning entrepreneur Mavis Amankwah’s 3-in-1 Business Club? You can get access to over 300 members in a matter of minutes for an incredibly low price – inquire today! Mavis hosts one event each month at the Hilton Hotel, Canary Wharf. The next event “Promote My Biz Conference” takes place on June 22nd. Tickets are free for members!

Business & Consumer Seminar & Expo

“It is my God-given mission to provide networking, educational and informational opportunities that help others network within our own community.”. On Saturday 22 June, Mavis is bringing a plethora of start-ups and professionals together, creating plenty of opportunities to network, build and succeed.

Our exhibitors the platform to promote and sell your business, service or products. You’ll also make new contacts to increase revenue, network and have 1-2-1 sessions. The event takes place from 12:00 to 18:00.  Feel free to visit our Business Events section for more information. Tickets can be purchased on our website!