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Increased SEO

Want to improve your Google Ranking? Our Approved Supplier’s Directory is the answer for you! Backlinks will be present throughout our website with web-banners present on our site, Business of The Month article and your social media handles. 

Social Media+

Not only will we promote your business on all our social channels under the Rich Visions umbrella (RVSB, Women Like Me Biz Club, and BE Mogul) at least twice a year, but we’ll add ALL of your social media spaces to your listing. 


Have an innovation you want to sample or promote? Our monthly B2B events are perfect for small business owners.

Can’t make it our events? No problem, your business will still be advertised  to our delegates!

Increased Sales!

Looking to generate more leads, and increase sales for your business? Then our Approved Supplier’s Directory is for you! We are pleased to announce that Rich Visions will be launching a new interactive website for our main site in time for our 17th anniversary. It promises to be engaging and attractive to our clients, suppliers and the general public. This will result in an increase in traffic and sessions which in turn results in greater leads for your business – it’s a win, win!


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