Business of The Month: Music Relief Foundation

Music Relief Foundation
Music Relief Foundation

Business Name: Music Relief Foundation
Region: Croydon, South-East London
Managing Director: Magdalene Adenaike
What Does The Business Do? We support young people 11+ to have a
balanced wellbeing through our diverse workshops
Your Business Tip: Persistency and consistency will always pay off. Never give up.

Music Relief Foundation

Music Relief Foundation is a not-for-profit youth organisation situated in Croydon, South-East London.

Moreover, they deliver learning to young people aged 11+ through an assortment of workshops in schools and within the community. These sessions help encourage self-empowerment, balanced wellbeing, employability and the development of leadership skills. Additionally, they use music as a platform to engage with young people.

Music Relief Foundation

Young People

Music Relief’s aim is to unveil the leadership qualities of young people steering them away from violence with a special focus on knife crime.

Furthermore, Music Relief Foundation have built relationships with the Metropolitan Police, MP’s, councilors, local authorities, schools, community, and voluntary groups, leading experts in order to build a strong community for the young people.

Overall, MR’s continuous work with the young people helps instill a deep-rooted understanding of self-worth into the students as they embark on their journey of adulthood. We hope this builds confidence and increases self-esteem.

In short, this is a fantastic business, with good intentions. Given these  points, please check out Music Relief and see if you can get involved with them today!

Music Relief Foundation

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