The RVSB team and I would like to thank both our guests and speakers for their contribution to June’s Money and Marketing Seminar for Entrepreneurs, last Saturday. Here’s what we covered:

Cryptocurrency | Money and Marketing

Keeping in-trend with 2018, we’re giving beginners and sceptics yet another introduction to Cryptocurrency!

Dr Sunny Ahonsi of RisXcel showed business owners and leaders how to diversify their company’s portfolio using altcoins. They were shown which currencies are cheap. Wave, ETC and NKDx were Sunny’s top picks for June.

“I heard on the news Bitcoin has decreased yet again.

“As a business owner, I’m always looking for different avenues to increase my dividends, but with the news that Bitcoin’s decreased yet again, I considered giving Cryptocurrency a miss.

“Dr Ahonsi, however, has assured me that RisXcel‘s experienced in-house team can oversee trading on my exchange, which works for me!

“Sunny’s the real deal – this is the start of a very lucrative partnership.” – Pabl0, 36.

Check out RisXcel today for the most efficient Cryptocurrency management, today!

Funding and Finance | Money and Marketing

The guests were pumped and raring for the second leg of this Money and Marketing master class. This segment was presented by Reg and myself. We started off talking about funding options.

60% of small businesses fail to make it to year 5 due to a lack of funding (OnDeck, 2016). More entrepreneurs are choosing to crowdsource their funding: Kickstarter and Patreon are the two most notable companies, however, it takes an exceptional product, or innovation to encourage strangers to invest. Rich Visions Small Business can help established businesses access ‘Growth’ loans worth up £50K.

Find out if you’re eligible today by filling out our Pre-Application Form. A member of our team will contact you within 24hrs.

Business Surgery | Money and Marketing

[Dr] Reginald Enyi had our ‘patients’ ready and raring to embark on their journey of creating their own wealth in 2018! Using, guests were able to ask questions anonymously about entrepreneurship, be it concerns, or tips on alternative funding.

Lifetime Achievement Award | Life Effects

After we wrapped up Money and Marketing, I attended the Lift Effects Community Awards, where I was recognised for my work for the last 17 years and am happy to say I received my 13th Award: ‘Lifetime Achievement’! I just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout the years, one thing I know is that determination and perseverance always win!

I’ve been so fortunate to be in business for 17 years! Come celebrate with us in Limehouse on July 12th. Book your free space today by booking below. 

Money And Marketing



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