Award Winning Entrepreneur Mavis Amankwah And Friends At Money And Marketing 3

Let’s look back at the Money and Marketing Seminar for Entrepreneurs hosted by  Mavis Amankwah. Thank you to all our guest speakers and delegates that joined Rich Visions for a day of serious business and networking; the turnout on the day was great!


Our March seminar kicked off with a bang as our Money And Marketing regular Dr. Sunny Ahonsi from My Money Management Education addressed Crytocurrency. Considering the price of Bitcoin has depreciated since our February seminar, sceptics were reassured as Dr. Ahonsi showed delegates alternative currencies to invest in:

“Prior to today, I felt like the fad was fading, however, thanks to his [Dr. Ahonsi] tips and suggestions; I feel confident to open an exchange for my business.

“I thought Bitcoin was the be-all-and-end-all, however, currencies such as Ripple, Litecoin and even Neo Shares are on the up.”, said Ryan, a 27-year-old entrepreneur, looking for diversify his company’s portfolio.

Funding and Finance

The guests were pumped and raring for the second leg of this Money And Marketing masterclass.

Accompanied by Senior Business Development Executive, Reg Enyi and RV Biz Consultant, Jonathan Njoku’s, Mavis highlighted an under-utilised form of funding, Crowdsourcing, using Kickstarter and Patreon as examples. This was followed up with a detailed explanation of their funding process and structure.

You can find out more information, or even book a free consultation on


GDPR Data Compliance coming into play within the UK/EU May 2018. The way in which sole-traders, entrepreneurs and business owners handle and collate customer’s data is affected. Failure to comply will result in a fine in excess of £20m.

Tosin Ogundere of Affluent Leans outlined the several rights a customer has over their information. This includes a right to access, a right to be informed, and a right to object. He also highlighted the disclaimers business owners will need to present to clients when collecting their information.

Health And Wealth

Jeff Clarkson spoke on the importance of Wills, Pension and Income Protection. He used The Secret as a recurring reference throughout his segment of the seminar, suggesting that thoughts about security and health will make a difference in one’s life.

Attendees were also shown ways which they can record their expenses and tips to protect their wealth.

PR And Publicity

Presented by Money and Marketing newbie Iola C. Williams, founder of 11:11 Communications, delegates were given a working demonstration of JournoLink, a PR tool which sends press releases to publications relevant to your industry.

From there she also talked about various ways to improve ones marketing communication; one of which being the difference between content and communication. She cited that communication done effectively is a testament to ones personal, business and professional success.

That wraps up our event. Details for any upcoming events will be posted on both our Twitter (@RichVisions_SB) and official website.


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