Mavis Joy Amankwah, the award-winning businesswoman and entrepreneurial coach with a BA Hons in Professional Practice in Marketing and Communications from Middlesex University has now landed her first [of many] feature[s] in Forbes. On a whole, this has been an exhilarating year for her! She’s one-step closer to becoming the first black Dragon in the Dragons’ Den. Celebrate with her! #WhoopWhoop

Accidental Entrepreneurs

On September 27th, I was featured in Forbes! The article, written by David Howell, is about Why Accidental Entrepreneurs Make The Best Micro Business Owners. In addition, ‘accidental managers’ are those who had no intention of managing a business but had to take on that role with varying degrees of success. Moreover, I’ve been through the good, bad and ugly of business; experiencing this first-hand. I have survived two recessions against all odds. Today, Rich Visions Small Business is industry innovators; securing over £6m in alternative-funding for over 650 SMEs (small-to-medium enterprises).

Micro Business Owners

A Micro Business can be described as a business that has only one owner, with a total of up to five employees including the owner. More and more people of every age, particularly women and minorities, are starting their own Micro Businesses because of the upward mobility and flexibility that they provide.

Business Makeover

Lastly, I will be coaching just 20 women over a 1 year period to help them grow. If your business needs a makeover, get in touch with me today. In short, my MakeMyBusinessOver Coaching Programme is guaranteed to help you increase revenue within 2-12 months (depending on your needs). This opportunity is for serious entrepreneurs who need a new challenge in 2019.
In summary, all interested parties will need to pitch to me and also have an in-depth business audit review! Email or call 0203 633 0513
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