Everybody at Rich Visions would like to take the time to thank all the entrepreneurs and guest speakers who attended our Money and Marketing Seminar on Saturday – we had a blast! For those who couldn’t attend here’s a summary of what we covered:


The wonderful people at Mayasante came in to talk about GDPR Data Compliance coming into play within the UK/EU May 2018. The way in which sole-traders, entrepreneurs and business owners handle and collate customer’s data is affected.

There they outlined several rights a customer has over their information, including a right to access, a right to be informed, and a right to object; also, how businesses and organisations can check that they comply with existing rights and determine whether they need to make any changes for the enforcement of GDPR as failure to do so can result in a fine in the excess of £20million.



Dr Sunny Ahonsi from My Money Management Education gave our guests a masterclass on how Cryptocurrency can help improve your business.

We learned about Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, and how he intended to create a new electronic cash system that utilised a peer-to-peer network to prevent double-spending, before the eventual introduction of the alternative medium of exchanges (Better known as Altcoins).

Kodak was used as a case-study after their announcement they were launching a blockchain-based platform called KodakOne. Photographers will be able to register the digital rights for their images that they can sell on the platform – they would be paid directly and instantaneously.


Marketing on a shoestring budget

Insight2Marketing came in to teach everybody how to market and promote their business on a shoestring budget. Areas of interest include content quality, the effect of networking and affiliate programmes.

Details for any upcoming events will be posted on both our Twitter (@RichVisions_SB) and official website https://richvisionssb.co.uk/

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