At the end of our most recent staff meeting (after everyone came back from their holidays and respective time off), we decided that we needed to bring back even more rewards for our staff and start up our Employee of the Month scheme again.

So we thought “No time like the present…” and we started nominating staff members for the award for the month of May. Everyone was very kind and honest in their choices as we all agreed that each member of staff has worked so hard to achieve so much for the company. But in the end, we had a three-way tie between Ishmail (Sales / Digital), Jide (Account Executive) and Kamran (Digital Marketing / Social Media Executive) so they were all appointed joint Employees of the Month.

To celebrate all the guys getting this award, we decided to treat them all (and us too) to lunch which consisted of lots and lots of pizza, potato wedges, garlic bread and fizzy drinks! Don’t say we don’t spoil out staff eh!

We would have posted photos of the lunch but the boys demolished it and destroyed all evidence.

In all seriousness though, well done to Ishmail, Jide and Kamran on all their hard work this past month!

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