Startups are all about passion, so it’s excellent when you can overcome adversity and help others follow suit. A case in point is our Business of The Month, Ceragem London – Their clinic in Peckham offers automatic thermal therapeutic massagers that use natural therapies to stretch and stimulate the spine using solid jade, far infra-red heat, and acupressure. We talked to owner Maureen about how she opened her centre.

Explain your business in 30 seconds-or-less

Ceragem provides wonderful health products for home use. Our Rye Lane trial Centre is the only one in the Greater London area. We work with thousands of people a year to improve not only their back pain but their overall quality of health.

Our most popular product is [a therapeutic thermal massage bed called] The Master V3. It’s clinically proven to reduce back pain with no side effect. Guests can use the V3 once a day, where they can enjoy a 40-minute session for free!


Mavis post-treatment


What’s the inspiration for opening the centre?

A broken leg left me with postural issues;  I was using crutches even after my leg had fully healed. A friend recommended me to use a therapeutic massage bed – not a Ceragem, but one similar. The results were fantastic. Within four weeks my health improved drastically, specifically the alignment of my spine – I started to reclaim my health.

Where are you based, and why?

I’m based in Peckham – I live locally. I wanted to bring these fantastic health benefits to my friends, but more importantly, the community.

The centre is extremely busy in the summer; We have a turnover of 140 guests and a lot of that comes from word-of-mouth.


What is your biggest achievement so far?

Just being able to help people take control of their health again – it’s all the motivation I need. Certain guests will come in really apprehensive, however, in as little as two sessions we’re telling them they’ve forgotten their walking sticks! The benefits of our beds mentally, not just physically, is incredible.

What was your first step to setting up this centre?

My sister and I came to Mavis and the Rich Visions team in 2013 with just an idea in our head. We got a lot of good, honest, sound business advice. One of the consultants sat down with us to go through our business plan, also drafting a cash-flow forecast. It was only a matter of time before we secured funding to open our centre – 4 years later and we’re still going strong!


What’s next for the business?

Without a doubt we hope to expand, opening more Ceragem centres in London. We want to bring our product East or West!

It’s also important we increase our visibility, especially among younger members of the community. We deal with a lot of elderly people, however, these beds are perfect for athletes. I’d love them to use Ceragem as a part of their recovery.

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