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The Lads (And Zaina) Are Treated to the Thrill of Indoor Go-Karting!

Go Karting Treat Day5

After we reached the team achieved their monthly targets for the Start-up Loans scheme, Mavis decided to treat us all. She decided to take the ladies to Ascot for Ladies Day, whilst the guys were allowed to do whatever they wanted for their treat.

After much discussion and deliberation, we decided to go indoor go-karting to enjoy the thrill of speed, fun and multiple kart collisions mixed in with the good old competitive spirit and a want to not come last!

There are only four guys (Kamran, Ishmail, Lesly and Jide) who work in the office but as one of them wasn’t able to come, we had a spare place to fill so we offered it to one of our bright fun female interns, Zaina – who was so excited to go! We went to TeamSport Indoor Karting (which claims to be Numero Uno for indoor karting in the UK) and their branch in Bermondsey near Tower Bridge.

Once we got kitted out in our karting gear, we were giving an in-depth briefing about how to go-kart which included safety procedures and the right trackside etiquette. After that, we watched some racing (the other group were a rowdy lot who got disqualified for dangerous driving and unnecessary aggression on the track) then got our helmets and prepared for our first karting race session with eight other drivers. We had our four sessions of eight minutes altogether which equated to about thirty minutes of go-karting.

Our karts were new eco-karts which ran on electric which made for a smoother, faster and quieter drive. But that didn’t stop us from getting to know the fast track, abusing the g-force (top speed was 40mph), crashing and colliding with barriers and other drivers, overtaking, trying to beat each other, and whizzing round the track for quick lap times.

The first session was one where we were all getting to grips of the track and testing out our karts but by the end it was full on carnage and speed in equal measure. We all felt the thrill and enjoyed it so much that we’re thinking of going again!

And how does one celebrate such a successful treat? With big pizzas, a drink and fun conversation!

Here’s a selection of photos from the day…

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