Supplier’s Directory


Supplier's Directory

Whether you’re a web designer, social media and marketing whiz or part-time accountant we’re looking for entrepreneurs across a wide array of sectors and industries to join our Supplier’s List! Find out more now.

Increased Sales

Looking to generate more leads, and increase sales for your business? Then our Approved Supplier’s Directory is for you! We are pleased to announce that Rich Visions will be launching a new interactive website for our main site in time for our 17th anniversary. It promises to be engaging and attractive to our clients, suppliers and the general public. This will result in an increase in traffic and sessions which in turn results in greater leads for your business – it’s a win, win!

Our new website will contain business news, information or services, obtaining finance, and an official supplier list directory of businesses we approve that can help our clients businesses and YOU can be part of this!

For less than £1 a day you can become a Rich Visions Small Business Verified Supplier. You’ll be entitled to use of all our promotional tools below:

Social Media Promotion

Got a new product that you can’t wait to tell the worLd about? We’ve got the reach and resources to promote this twice a year to over 40,000 leads across both Rich Visions Small Business and a sister brand social media account of your choice (Women Like Me, BE Mogul and Mavis Amankwah Biz). A full breakdown of our social media figures and analytics can be found in our free information pack. We cover LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Website Features

Your business will be listed as an official supplier on our directory listing page for one year. This includes your logo, 20 words profile, contact details and link to your website. You also have a choice to provide us with advertisement banners which will be used throughout our page. You can find spec details for our website and it’s featured on our information pack.


Your business can be showcased on our monthly e-newsletters twice a year with broadcasts to the Rich Visions database of 10,000 subscribers. You can choose to promote offers, discounts, news or product information for your section of the newsletter.


You will have access to be part of our monthly business events that attract over 30-50 business owners and entrepreneurs per event, you can also be part of this with free entry to 4 of our events throughout the year; 5-15 minute speaking opportunity at two of our events a year; A table to display your products and marketing materials.

Access to our contacts

We find after approval, 9 out of 10 of our clients are in need of graphic designers, IT support and social media management tools. With their permission, you will have access to contact our clients directly to promote your service once listed on our site.

If you’d like to take your enterprise to new heights, you can request your free information pack by contacting today! Our introductory price of £249 + VAT is only valid until May 31st to the first 50 sign-ups; it’s £349 + VAT after that!


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