Our Services



We are open to help you start, build and grow your business, we can help you with securing finance, writing business plans or implementing your social media strategy.


Our services range from:-

-Assisting you to secure finance from £2k-£150k

-Assisting with lending applications and forms

-Writing business plans and cash flow forecasts for raising finance

-Conducting market research

-Drafting marketing and sales plans

-Business mentoring and coaching

Pre-Screen Funding Application Consultation

The consultation fee covers the following: Run through your business idea and its viability Funding/Loan eligibility criteria Personal Credit file advice, suggestions or recommendations Search for suitable funders and lenders Verify your ID and any...

Business Mentoring

from £147 per hour Rich Visions Small Business work with a range of mentors who are experts in various business areas. We have experienced and successful business people who can mentor in: Enterprise and Financial advice,...

Developing PR

PR is the driving force behind your business growth and reputation. PR is critical for success, no matter how big or small your business or enterprise is. We will give you the experience, guidance tips...

Drafting Marketing Plans

We will work closely with you to draft a comprehensive marketing plan to boost business growth. Priced competitively, we offer 4-6 hours dedicated to helping you to write a winning marketing plan. We will begin...

Existing Businesses

With access to qualified, honest, professional and experienced Business Advisors, Rich Visions Small Business and our associates  now offer Business Advice on a one to one basis. We will be able to meet with you...

Funding Application Checking Service

Run through your business plan and cash flow forecast financials. Review business plan content. Review cash flow forecast and financials. Give you feedback on your plan and advise if any changes need to be made...

Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media is a way of engaging directly with your customers, and tapping into a reservoir of recommendations. If you need help with social media marketing, we can work with you to create a winning social...

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