Money And Marketing Seminar For Entrepreneurs Part 2


Let’s look back at the Money and Marketing Seminar for Entrepreneurs hosted by  Mavis Amankwah. Thank you to all our guest speakers and attendees that joined Rich Visions for a day of serious business and networking!


Our first seminar for February kicked off with a bang as Dr. Sunny Ahonsi from My Money Management Education addressed the phenomenon that is Crytocurrency. Believers and sceptics were given a masterclass as Dr. Ahonsi informed guests how to read block data, open an exchange, and entry-point capital.

“Cryptocurrency was totally alien to me prior to his [Dr. Ahonsi] presentation; however, I have a clear understanding of the terms.

“I am ready to invest, I’m confident enough to do research in my spare time and get the ball rolling”, said Julie, a 40-year-old mother, looking for another stream of income.

Funding and Finance

The guests were pumped and raring for the second leg of what was a day full of sweeping highs.

Accompanied by Senior Business Development Executive, Reg Enyi, Mavis demonstrated Rich Vision’s four-step application process using Reg as a client. This was followed up with a detailed explanation of their funding process and structure.

You can find out more information, or even book a free consultation on

Health And Wealth

Jeff Clarkson spoke on the importance of Wills, Pension and Income Protection. He used The Secret as a recurring reference throughout his segment of the seminar, suggesting that thoughts about security and health will make a difference in one’s life.

Attendees were also shown ways which they can record their expenses and tips to protect their wealth.


Branding, Money and Marketing 

Personal branding specialist, Lily Mensah, of Lyncs Media broke down the first two chapters from her new book Work Your Quirks, focusing on: branding, and marketing on a shoestring budget.

Whether you’re looking for wardrobe consulting, online profile advice or marketing materials, Lily can be counted on to make your brand glisten! You can buy Lily’s book on  Amazon now.

Health,Wealth and Well Being 

The highlight of Rasa Mesakauskiene’s talk was talking about the importance of health and wealth and how entrepreneurs need to look after themselves.

Attendees were given free bottles of their popular aloe vera gel to take home.

Jacob was very impressed with Rasa’s presentation. “There’s only one way to truly sell a product, and that’s through freebies!

“It certainly helps when they’re good! This [aloe vera gel] is a premium-priced product”.

That wraps up our event. Details for any upcoming events will be posted on both our Twitter (@RichVisions_SB) and official website.

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