Business Mentoring

from £147/hr

from £147 per hour

Rich Visions Small Business work with a range of mentors who are experts in various business areas. We have experienced and successful business people who can mentor in: Enterprise and Financial advice, Marketing or Sales Strategies, PR and Social Media advice, Book-keeping and more.

We will review your business plan and match your business aspirations with the right mentor who has experience in your business sector and can offer you sound marketing strategies and guidance with your business plan.

We can arrange a mentor for 12 months to help you get on your feet and provide you with the techniques to make your business successful. Your mentor dedicates 2-4 hours with you each month. It is therefore up to you to decide how you choose to utilise this time. We advise that before meeting with your mentor that you have written a plan of the topic(s) that you wish to discuss and seek advice on, so that the mentoring experience is both fulfilling and valuable for you.

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Market Research Planning
Developing PR
Drafting Marketing Plans
Devising Cash Flow Forecast (To secure funding, investment or for personal purposes)
Writing Business Plans (To secure funding, investment or for personal purposes)
Existing Businesses
Funding Application Checking Service
Pre-Screen Funding Application Consultation

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