26th April 2013 - Blog

Hanieh’s Leaving Do! (Bye Bye!)

One of our most treasured colleagues Hanieh Chehrehnegari (who was our Business/Sales Executive) recently left our company to go onto concentrate more on her business Vixen Nail Bar & Beauty Salon and dedicate her full time to it.  

Hanieh had some wonderful words to say about her time with Rich Visions and the various projects she worked on as well as the team members she worked with on a constant basis. This is what she had to say – http://www.richvisionssb.co.uk/working-at-rich-visions-hanieh-chehrehnegari/

So because of the lasting impression Hanieh left on us, we decided to give her a fitting leaving do. First, we had all signed a thank you card for her, got her a cake / sweet treats, and some flowers all whilst we sat down laughed and drank some wine together.

And then after work for the rowdy party peeps, we diverged on the wonderful area of Canary Wharf to a place called Temple Lounge to dabble in fun, food, more alcohol and a little substance called Shisha!!!

Here is some photo evidence of the laughter-filled night…

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