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As you may or may not know, social networks and platforms are everywhere and included in every medium you can think of. YouTube has already has one billion regular users per month and Twitter has just celebrated its seventh birthday, whilst Facebook is going from strength to strength.

Social media changes the way that we digest information and report on it too. We can react to news live and direct as it happens, and we can critique Music/TV Shows in an instant because of this blossoming digital industry. Because of this, it has truly changed the journalism field upside down and adapted our tastes for really hard-hitting insightful news but also has opened up the field of fun, hilarious, list-filled journalism which entertains us on a basic and/or mundane level.

The last social network to open its arms to us is the incredible Buzzfeed. Even though US President Barack Obama has recently mentioned the social network at a public function in a jovial regard, the brand’s stock and popularity has sky-rocketed thanks to its UK website launch after being so successful in the US.

Founded in 2006 – BuzzFeed is the leading social news organization, intensely focused on delivering high-quality original reporting, insight, and viral content across a rapidly expanding array of subject areas. Their technology powers the social distribution of content, detects what is trending on the web, and connects people in realtime with the hottest content of the moment. The site is rapidly growing and reaches more than 25 million monthly unique visitors.

BuzzFeed is at the forefront of a major shift in the advertising industry away from traditional banner ads towards “social advertising” that engages consumers, inspires sharing, and produces viral lift, or “earned media.”

To see what all the Buzz is about, visit their website –

And here is one of my favourite articles “27 Things You Had To Deal With As The Only Black Kid In Your Class” –


Author: Kamran Assadi

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