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rv-loanRich Visions Small Business can assist you with your business loan application to present to lenders, investors and funders

Many new start ups and entrepreneurs are refused loans by the bank for all sorts of reasons, alternative funding helps businesses who have been refused by the bank!

Did you know in the past two years over 1,000,000 businesses have been started up in the UK? If you want to start your own business Rich Visions Small Business can help you turn that dream into reality.

Since 2013, Rich Visions Small Business have assisted and helped businesses access and secure just over £6m worth of funding and loans. That’s over 650 entrepreneurs who needed capital to start or grow a new enterprise/business and have a 98% success rate!!

By working with Rich Visions Small Business, you will not be left on your own – we will assist you to find the right lender, investor or funder securing anything from as little as £2,000 up to £150,000+.

Whether you are using the funds to start your new business idea or expand your existing venture, we are here to help you along your exciting journey.


If you are starting  (in business 2 years or less) we can work towards obtaining you up to £25k (unsecured), if you are an existing business (2 years or more) we can help you to obtain up to £100k + (unsecured).

The most influential section of a successful application is a viable Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast.

This is often the most difficult aspect of starting or growing your business.  Many people struggle with formatting numbers in the way a funder would like to see them and in understanding what a healthy cash flow should look like. Many find completing a business plan and cash flow forecast completely daunting, we can help you!

What about repayments and interest rates?

If you are looking to secure funding some of the lenders we work/refer you to have interest rates and for repayments ranging from 6% – 16%.

Loan terms can be between 1- 5 years.

We work with partners offering incredible deals and support to help you.

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We strongly advise that you check your credit via www.experian.co.uk or www.equifax.co.uk to get an accurate report of financial status.