Kam's Mohawk FB

Kamran’s 30th Birthday Mohawk!

25 September, 2013 - Blog

Today was a bit of a random unique day! One of our colleagues, Kamran Assadi, waltzed into work not batting an eyelid with an unbelievable mohawk haircut. This was to commemorate his 30th birthday which...

Me and David Gold posing for the camera

Event: A Conversation with David Gold

24 June, 2013 - Blog

Written by Mavis Amankwah  I truly find it a blessing being in the position that I am as a serial successful entrepreneur but I’ve always been inspired by those who have gone before me to...

Team Leaders Meal Out

A Meal Out with the Team Leaders…

14 June, 2013 - Blog

We work hard here at Rich Visions Small Business HQ with our many projects especially with our latest work as Delivery Partners for the government initiative Start Up Loans. So even though we like to...

Afro Image

Rich Visions at Afro Hair and Beauty Live 2013

31 May, 2013 - Blog

On Sunday 26th and Monday 27th May on the May Bank Holiday weekend, social enterprise and Start Up Loans Delivery Partners, Positive Inclusions, headed down with the Rich Visions Small Business team to the amazing...


Employee(s) of the Month! It’s Back!

29 May, 2013 - Blog

At the end of our most recent staff meeting (after everyone came back from their holidays and respective time off), we decided that we needed to bring back even more rewards for our staff and...

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