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Kam's Mohawk FB

Kamran’s 30th Birthday Mohawk!

25 September, 2013 - Blog

Today was a bit of a random unique day! One of our colleagues, Kamran Assadi, waltzed into work not batting an eyelid with an unbelievable mohawk haircut. This was to commemorate his 30th birthday which...


New report reveals secrets of entrepreneurship

19 September, 2013 - Business News

FileMaker, the leader in easy-to-use database software, has interviewed a number of the UK’s leading entrepreneurs to identify three shared characteristics that enable them to be successful. The RainMakers report, which investigates what drives entrepreneurship and innovation in...

Small Business

Do banks care about small businesses?

18 September, 2013 - Business News

According to the Federation of Small Businesses’s latest Voice of Small Businesses survey more than half of firms believe banks do not care about small businesses. In all, 56% of respondents indicated this belief, with 49% concerned at lenders’...

Small Business

Entrepreneurs see rise in business confidence

16 September, 2013 - Business News

The latest Smith & Williamson Enterprise Index reveals that confidence in the economy is on the up with 73% of respondents expecting upturn in economy. The inaugural Index, carried out in January of this year, recorded a positive outlook...

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