June 2013 - Rich Visions Small Business


A loan in a crowd

29 June, 2013 - Business News

Being a small business looking for finance can feel like wandering through the desert searching for an oasis. You might find it, but there are no guarantees and it feels a bit desperate. Bank business...

Startups (US vs UK)

Start-ups minding the UK-US venture gap

26 June, 2013 - Business News

A yawning “performance gap” between British and US venture capital investment is beginning to grow again, leaving innovative UK start-ups starved of funds. UK venture capital returns continue to lag those of US funds, and...

Me and David Gold posing for the camera

Event: A Conversation with David Gold

24 June, 2013 - Blog

Written by Mavis Amankwah  I truly find it a blessing being in the position that I am as a serial successful entrepreneur but I’ve always been inspired by those who have gone before me to...

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