18 Creative ways for event organisers to use Social Media

Twitter-boards and live streaming may be ubiquitous at most business events today, but the latest infographic from Eventility highlights a hat-full of untapped opportunities for event organisers.

From pre-event ‘social voting’ to gamifying Twitter engagement, smart event organisers are starting to use social media to amplify their events across the social Web and extend their lifetime value way beyond their actual duration.

In addition to a list of 18 ways that event organisers can use social media more effectively, the infographic boasts some surprising statistics. Apparently 84% of event organisers use Facebook to promote their events – making it almost universal – while 61% use Twitter and 42% use YouTube. No doubt many B2B companies also used LinkedIn Events until the LinkedIn discontinued the service last year.

Eventiliy itself, a UK-based startup, hosts 38,000 events online, and has reportedly doubled its web traffic in 2013. The fact that 78% of event organizers plan to increase their use of social media in the coming years merely highlights the growing importance of online engagement for real-world activities.

Beyond the obvious points (“create event listings”, “share videos online”…) the infographic offers some useful tips for busy event hosts. Who knew that online RSVP rates are higher than for paper invitations?  I was also stunned to read that in the 5 days leading up to the massive SXSW conference in Austin Texas, 120,000 people Tweeted more than 280,000 Tweets to the official hashtag. With that kind of pre-event buzz, who needs marketing?

As a social media conference host, I’m familiar with many of these tactics, but I also know that most event organisers haven’t yet embraced social. After reading this infographic there should be no more excuses.

Luke Brynley-Jones, Our Social Times

Infographic via Eventility.

Via WallBlog

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